The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt – Sylvia Plath

Self-doubt destroys dreams, hopes and creativity. It is basically not having enough confidence to come out of your comfort zone and become that person you have always wanted to be.

We all grow up wanting to become someone in life, someone better and at some point believes in themselves and be able to raise their heads high up. But as we grow up certain things become a challenge, like a very huge challenge that just stops everything. A challenge that just blocks you, literally blocks you. It becomes that road filled with deep ditches with no ladders to help you get out. Sef-doubt being one of those demons that stand between you and that person you know you can be.

So what do we do in that situation…we tend to corner and get way too comfortable in that corner. Thoughts of not being good enough  fills up your mind. You feel like you are imprisoned but you can still see that beautiful, rich and greener view just on the other side. You keep telling yourself, “Im not good enough for something like that” which is where you get it wrong, ALL WRONG.

We keep forgetting one thing as human beings, that the brain is a very…very powerful organ we have. What we tell our brain is what we stick with. So below is a few ways to help you overcome self-doubt. Remember its all in the brain.

  1. Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will : Tell yourself that every day when you wake up and before you go to bed. Stick to it no matter what and see how your life changes because self doubt is literally a dream killer.
  2. Whats the worst that could go wrong huh? I mean what could possibly be worse than not bringing out your full potential. Well NOTHING, so go for it! Tell yourself you got this no matter what happens, remember you kicked self-doubt right in the balls.
  3. Totally forget what people will say about you. Just dont care and DO IT! We all have different destinies, why should you care who is going to say this and that.
  4. Take things slow, at your own pace. What the next person might be doing that works out for him or her might not necessarily work out for you. So get to know yourself more and what you really want for yourself and take it slow.
  5. Remember even the most powerful people in the world at some point had self-doubt probably still do but they dont give it that respect and power. They slay it like that viking from VIKINGS series…whats his name…yah that dude who just doesnt care. He kills everybody. Just use his style and dont give self-doubt that power.

Self-doubt only stops you from your next greater thing. Next best seller author, next famous soccerstar, next amazing singer, next Michael Bay (Oh yah thats my favourite movie director). So you might be my next favourite movie director.

Remember wake up and just tell yourself today I’m doing something thats going to bring me closer to what I really want to be. Also it is very important to find what you love and enjoy the most and just follow it. If your dream is calling you then listen to it and GO GET IT.

Get up from your comfort zone, tell self-doubt ‘its been real pal. NOT TODAY OR EVER!’



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