Writing A Book While Studying

I have been getting a lot of questions about how do I possibly write a novel while studying pharmacy and even been asked why on earth do I even write.

My response has always been PASSION, FOCUS and DETERMINATION!

The passion is the reason why I write,specifically fiction. I just try to balance my studies with my writing and I would be lying if I say it was easy. It started off stressing and sometimes I would feel horrible because I would spend most of my time doing one (giving it more time than the other). At the beginning I couldn’t keep up with the pressure I was feeling, so much to do for both.

One thing I have always known about myself is that I really work brilliantly under pressure but all this wasn’t too brilliant when I started writing this year having to study and having to write my manuscript titled THE KILLER IN HER CLOSET. To my surprise all that brilliancy under pressure was not happening. I started researching more about writing, read books about it so I can have a better world to tackle the pressure, I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for but reading books helped me deal with the pressure as it also helped me relax my mind for effective studying. It took me a while to try to find a balance between the two, I made sure I did what I need to do one step at a time and making sure I don’t rush into anything.

To all the aspiring writers who are studying it is possible to write a book while being a student. Have a schedule including both your writing and your studies, and never neglect any, the truth is writing while still a student has really helped me a lot, it relaxes, improve grammar, and improves one’s confidence on how to approach questions and form a better picture in their mind. The passion should drive you to get it through tough times but the determination should help you balance the two.

REMEMBER : Writing will improve the way you approach your studies even for better studying.

Don’t give up, Stay strong, focused and determined and be that writer you always wanted to be.

Study smart and write brilliantly.


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